Nexiran is a producer and market developer in food and beverage industry, our product portfolio covered multi-sensation taste from all classical to exotics combined with natural or synthetics colours.
Skilled professionals in superior taste and colors are what excels us in the food and beverage industry.

We committed to the fulfillment of our vision through developing our products.

Our mission is to produce the highest quality products for every client, on every project

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  1. From Concept to Products

    We are supporing our clients from marketing to production.

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  2. Raw Materials

    All raw materials are carefully studied and passed the quality checks throughout the manufacturing processes, to guarantee all customers receive the sustainability and traceability products.

    green flavor green taste
  3. 100 % Natural products

    We have the wide range of products in our portfolio formulated from main ingredients to colours , all natural resources.

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  4. Exotic Taste

    With highly skilled and vastly experienced team at Nexiran; there are varieties of taste concepts with combinations of nostalgic home made taste to market highly trends.

    tropical flavors tropical taste
  5. Homemade Taste

    We enhance the quality of your favorite homemade taste for presenting to the market.

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  6. Taste Making

    With passion, innovation and intuitive understanding of Taste Making, we have offer from ideation to production.

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Who We Are

Tailor made your favorite Tastes

It is our passion to create an innovative taste to delight the senses.

We formulate,create and manufacture the unique,superior and economically competitive products through integration of our expertise, consumer insights and brand understanding.



Our Products

Bring Taste to Ideas

Natural / Tasty / Healthy / Fresh

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nexiran portfolio Produtcs Innovations

Citrus Emulsions

+ Natural - Colours

Citrus oils like lemon have a stronger flavor when placed in an emulsion than an extract.

More details : Citrus Emulsions

With the Best

Natural Ingredients

Enjoy the Sense of Nature !

Our team are continually developing the products to bring the best solutions from naturall ingredients.

Natural Green Bases

Green juice bases coverd wide range of natural green colors fruits from sweet to sour taste.See Portfolio for more details

detox juice

Natural Red Bases

Natural Red Bases are coverd wide range of tastes presented in red compounds or emulsions type.See Portfolio for more details

fruit juice bases

Natural Yellow Emulsions

From citrus to tropical tastes, we coverd wide range of yellow colors profiles .See Portfolio for more details

yellow fruit emulsion

Natural Cloudy Emulsions

Natural bases are required natural appearance as well,cloud emulsions are the right solution for diverse applications .See Portfolio for more details.

clouding agents Iran

Carbonated Soft Drink Bases

+ Natural & Synthetic Colours

Nexiran's produtcs for sparkling applications coverd from Classic to Exotic profile.

More details : Carbonated Soft Drink Bases

Fruit Emulsions

+ Natural & Synthetic Colours

Offering wide range of products presented with different flavours such as fruity, sweet and savoury with different profiles and colours.
All tailor-made products developed to cover the customer needs.
More details: Fruit Emulsions

Rainbow of natural colours

From crystal-clear to cloudy

The ultimate range of spectrum

From Ideas To the Taste

Changes Ideas To Products

Enjoy The Tastes !

From market insight to production we are supporting our clients to find the best solution.
Our R & D team developing the products with customer support in ideas, market feedbacks and their requierments .

  • Data Center
  • Market Insight
  • Customer's Need
  • Ideas
  • Lab Testing
  • Product Concepts
  • Product Testing
  • Tailord Formulation


Feel the Difference

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Our Customers

Supply Chain

We believe for delivering the high-quality products at the right place and time, having a Smart supply chain and inventory management system are the key factors.

R & D

Our R&D team share their expertise in sense of taste, providing full solutions with wide range portfolio to cover our client’s needs.

Market insight

Through a fully integrated and complete value chain, we support our customers to design of innovative beverage concepts, all the way to individual marketing advice.

On Production

We support our clients with excellent technical service and applications support on production.

Stay with Us
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